Welcome New Booster: Carol Clarke Reed

Booster Carol Clarke ReedWine Diamonds: Uncorking America’s Heartland is pleased to welcome Carol Clarke Reed to our Social Media Booster Team!

Carol and her younger brothers were born in California and raised in Iowa. “After graduating from my home town in Iowa, I moved to the East Coast; where I spent over twenty years of my life before returning to my hometown as a single parent to raise my daughter. About seven years later, I met my boyfriend. We toured wineries, planted grapes, listened to winery owners and grape growers share their experiences, traveled to conventions, remodeled and opened our own winery (Nearwood Winery) and tasting room in my home town. We were the only two for most of this journey in our wine business, with the exception of a few family and friends when it came to the harvesting time or when we needed extra help for large events. I loved the idea of being a partner of the wine tasting room, enjoyed distributing and marketing our wines. I appreciated our customers showing their support during their visits. Some of the earlier wine names came from my family stories. I loved watching the excitement of our customers when they heard the stories and tasted the wines. Unfortunately, recent circumstance necessitated me to end the winery venture.”

“I think Midwest Wines are awesome is because the winemakers and winery owners thrive to bring to life a combination of taste, experience and story; developing a diversity of wines. The Midwest climate changes challenge the winemakers, and trying to replicate wines year after year is nearly impossible.”

Please join us in welcoming Carol!


Welcome Booster: Rebekah Neuendorf!

RebekahPlease join Wine Diamonds: Uncorking America’s Heartland as we welcome our newest member to the Social Media Volunteer Team. Welcome Rebekah Neuendorf!

Rebekah Neuendorf is a local wine & craft beer enthusiast who is passionate about local business, marketing and entrepreneurship. Beginning in 2005, she worked different job positions including bartender, server and promotions manager, which fueled her interest in the food and beverage industry. In 2007, Rebekah moved to Chicago, where she had great exposure to a wide array of food and beverage options and eagerly sampled many different varieties of wine.

Rebekah’s taste for wine became more locally-focused after returning to her home state of Iowa in 2011. With the availability of so many awesome local and regional options, Rebekah and her husband began pursuing a new goal: to visit every winery (and brewery) in Iowa! This goal led to the launch of their touring business, iBUS Road Tours, in 2014. iBUS specializes in exclusive Winery & Brewery tours, while highlighting and emphasizing exceptional craft wine, beer, the artisans who produce it, and their partnerships right here in Iowa!

Rebekah was introduced to Brad and Kirk at the 2014 Kirkwood Community College Wine Tasting, held at the Hotel at Kirkwood. After spending the evening sampling wine and chatting with the crew, she began following the Wine Diamonds Film progress. Rebekah jumped at the opportunity to get involved and help spread the word about the wonderful wine industry that Iowa and the midwest region have to offer!

Wine Diamonds is very pleased to have Rebekah join our booster team!

Welcome Film Booster: Pat Ganzer Holland

Pat ganzer HollandWine Diamonds is pleased to welcome Pat Ganzer Holland to our film’s social media booster team! I’ve (Brad) known Pat for several years and when she agreed to join our volunteer team to help promote our film, I was thrilled!

Here is Pat’s brief bio:

I was first introduced to wine/Iowa wine 8-9 years ago. I knew nothing about wine-but was willing to try it. Went to Benz in CR and tried Cedar Ridge wine when they were still located in the back of the store. Consumed some wine, but I guess I wasn’t overly impressed LOL. Move forward another year or 2 and ended up at Fireside Winery, when they very first opened with friends to check out the place. My friends were talking about how there was a new place by Williamsburg, Iowa and they had wine, music and fire pits etc. The rest is history.

I become involved in with the Iowa wine industry when I became signed up with you (Brad used to work at Fireside Winery) and the Wine Ambassador program. Happy, I enjoyed the program and learning about wine, wine making, and the winery business. I have visited many local Iowa wineries with several more on the ever growing list. I love working at Fireside!! It is a fun place with great people. It is a great local industry and have met wonderful people working there, and LOVE Iowa wine, wine in general!!! I enjoy everything from picking the grapes, to bottling to obviously consuming!!

Please join us in welcoming Pat to our team!

If you’re interested in helping promote our film, Wine Diamonds: Uncorking America’s Heartland, we’d love to have your help.  Contact Brad Johnson at Brad.pr.johnson@gmail.com and let us know you’d like to help. It’s a volunteer gig but we’ll acknowledge you on our website and in our film credits and have your deepest gratitude.

Welcome to the team, Pat!

Wine Diamonds Social Media Boosters Wanted

WDNewLogoBlack copyVolunteer Job: Wine Diamonds Social Media Booster

Wine Diamonds: Uncorking America’s Heartland™ is seeking several individuals to help us get the word out about our new (currently in production) feature length documentary film about the new Midwest wine industry.

Volunteer Mission Requirements: You must love locally crafted wines of the Midwest; you’re a savvy consumer of social media (and by savvy we mean you’re online often and know how to use Facebook.  If you use other social media sites, such as Twitter, Instagram, have a blog…well, that’s a bonus) – we just need help getting the word out; you are comfortable sharing our Wine Diamonds Film posts and encourage your friends and followers to do the same; you help us to find new friends, new followers, new supporters; and ultimately our big goal will be for us to reach to both coasts with our message.

How Often: We’d love for you to help us as often as you feel comfortable, at least a couple times per week with a post or two. During our spring fundraising campaign we can use as much help as possible to get the word out across the country.

We’re filming here: IA, IL, MO, MN, NE & WI and maybe in IN, KS, and MI.

Do I need to live in one of those states to help? If you love local wine and want to help us ferment our film, we’d love your help!

Perks: As one of our star Social Media Boosters you’ll be acknowledged on our website and appear on our film credits and, of course, have our heartfelt thank you.

Bottom line: We’d really appreciate you helping us connect with other local wine lovers, maybe even people with an interest in helping fund this movie (we’ll have special perks for those that give financially in our upcoming fundraising campaign), and film and news folks. The more the merrier!

Connect with me (Brad Johnson) if you have any questions or if you’re ready to start promoting our new film with us! Here is how you get hold of me: brad.pr.johnson@gmail.com.