“On-the-Road” at Tassel Ridge Winery (VIDEO)

Here is my disclaimer for this segment: Okay…this isn’t my (Brad’s) best work so a little background about our shoot at Tassel Ridge Winery. For this day of filming we’d woke up at 2am, drove about 2 hours, shot footage for 8 hours and decided to try this (our first “on the road” shoot). So please try to overlook my bad take.


On The Road at Eagles Landing Winery (VIDEO)

We’re creating short segments we’re calling “on the road” as we visit with winery families all across the Midwest.  We’ll chat with winery owners, sample and discuss wines, and grow the awareness of our movie project, called “Wine Diamonds: Uncorking America’s Heartland.”

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In & Above the Corn

The Midwest is known for many things and agriculture, mostly corn and soybeans, is at the top of many peoples list.  So, as we think about our film, wanting to contextualize what it’s like to create a wine industry in the middle of the heartland, we thought it’d be fitting to shoot some footage of life during harvest.

The Spring (planting) and Fall (harvest) are two of the most busy times of the year and yesterday, with the help our drone pilot and videographer Jeff Fitzgerald, we visited a couple fields were the corn harvest was underway.  Below are a few photos taken, enjoy!

Combine harvesting corn crop
Combine harvesting corn crop
Crystal blue October skies at harvest in Iowa
Dusty and cool as the setting sun inches toward the horizon.
Jeff, drone pilot, views the transmitted image from the drone as he controls the remote control camera.  Do you see the drone above the harvester?
Last photo of the day as the farmers finish the last pass.  Do you see the drone?

Busy Saturday – Part 2 at the Iowa State Fair

After filming the sunrise we left Fireside Winery’s Brickyard Hill Vineyard just before 9am and headed toward Des Moines and the Iowa State Fair Wine Experience.  Of course, by now we’d been up for about six and a half hours (with only about 4 hours of sleep the night before) so we were dragging and hungry and on the recommendation of Zach Bott (Fireside Winemaker) decided to stop for breakfast at the Pine Cone Restaurant near Brooklyn, IA.  Seeking and finding a hearty breakfast that included three of the largest pancakes I’d ever seen, or attempted to eat, we had a filling and delicious breakfast before heading back to the freeway (I-80) with it’s heavy traffic.

We’d coordinated with Emily Saveraid, Marketing Coordinator for the Iowa Wine Growers Association the night before and she arranged to have press passes for us at the volunteer center of the State Fair for us when we arrived.  Pulling into the parking space just outside of Grandfathers Barn (the exhibit building for the Iowa wine industry) we prepared our gear, and began exploring the area.  The Grandfathers Barn was filled with interested wine fans, a wine tasting bar (complete with the gold medal winning wines being served), information, wine competition winners, and lots of positive mojo.

Outside was a platform where presenters talk about wine and where the wine stomp competition takes place, a seating area for the audience, and several tables and chairs for wine lovers to relax, enjoy some wine and chat.

We met and interviewed several Iowa State Fair visitors and representatives from industry.  Below are a few photographs from our time at the Iowa State Fair and you can see the entire album on the Iowa Wine Film Facebook page.

State Fair1
Suzie Berregaard, In Veritas Vineyard and Winery, gives a talk about sparkling wines.
State Fair4
Emily Saveraid, IWGA Marketing Coordinator, fires up the audience for the upcoming grape stomp competition.
State Fair5
Teams of grape stompers and “muckers” at work!
State Fair14
The Iowa State Fair 2014

In Vino Veritas Vineyard and Winery

After we spent the day filming the Mid-American Wine Competition we visited a former wine-school friend of mine who just planted a brand new vineyard this spring.  We stopped by to visit, shoot some footage and see how things were going.  Here are a few of the shots.

Suzie at In Vino
Suzie Berregaard is one of the owners of the new vineyard called, “In Vino Veritas Vineyard and Winery” located near Grimes, Iowa.
First year vines reaching to the high wire at In Vino Veritas Vineyard and Winery (Grimes, IA).
Team at In Vino
At the vineyard Suzie boards horses for local enthusiasts. After shooting some footage of the vineyard our team admires the beautiful horses.