Hello Wine Diamonds Friends!

It’s hard to believe that after 18 months of filming all across the region we are finally at Editing Suitethe point in time where we have filmed, compiled, organized, transcribed and are now editing our documentary film.  One of the challenges we’ve faced is creative a cohesive narrative from the more than 100 hours of footage we’ve collected.  Our goal was to have a broad idea of what the story line would become but ultimately we tried to let the interviews guide our story.

And now that we are in the editing suite the story is really beginning to tell itself.  Kirk and I (Brad) have spent a few weeks, working intermittently, but as of today we have 70 minutes of content on our story line and with a little extra work we’ll be tightening it up, adding b-roll (the scenes you’ll see when an interview subject is talking) and bringing the full team together to edit.  Soon we’ll have the music The Sweet Lillies have created for the film and then we’ll meet with our soundtrack composer to bring it all together.

Our tentative goal is to have a “special screening” at the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival (pending final approval) on Saturday, April 23.  We’ll keep you posted.

This next weekend (Feb. 13th) Brad will at the Minnesota Grape Growers Conference (Cold Climate Conference) to show a sneak peek of the film to the wine industry.  The piece we’re going to show is all about Elmer Swenson, the grandfather of cold climate grapes.




2 thoughts on “Editing Suite…Sweet!

  1. Please, keep me posted on the date and let me know the time. If things work out on a couple of levels, it might have to be a fast trip for me. In on a Friday night and out on a Sunday but I would so love to be there, Whether in spirit or for real! 😉 You guys are making magic happen in the Midwest!
    If you happen to bump into Mike White, Mike & Connie Vincent and Ron & Linda Mark, at the Minnesota Grape Growers Conference, please give them a hug for me and tell them “Candy Reed” said hello. Just tell Mike White, it’s the ex-co-owner lady of Nearwood Winery, with all the names, he will know. LOL Seriously though, have a great time. I know you guys will, after all, when your done, you’ll have wine, right?


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