Special Screening Helps Producers

Hi Wine Diamonds Friends!

The Wine Diamonds film team brought together a group of people last night to help us critically review our progress with the film. This audience test (or focus group) was a great way for us to get actionable audience information that we can use to make adjustments. As a result of this group we’ve got a much better understanding of how potential audiences may view our film and as a consequence we’ll be making some changes. We are so thankful to our group for helping us fine-tune our film and can’t wait to show you the next iteration.

Coming up… On February 28th we’ll be at the Iowa Wine Grower Association’s annual conference in Des Moines, IA to show our trailer and a sneak peek at one of our clips. Always great to reconnect with wine industry folks!

We’re hoping to make a quick trip to Colorado on March 16th to meet up with The Sweet Lillies at a show in Fort Collins. They created a brand new song just for this film called, “In My Blood” that really captures the way many of us feel about our ties to the land and family. More to come about this and one of their other songs.

Thanks for following our progress and for sharing our film with your wine and independent film friends.

Brad (and the Wine Diamonds Team)

Focus group (audience test) watching the first 60 minutes


Focus 5
Focus group participants and Wine Diamonds team

Minneapolis Welcomes Wine Diamonds

Made a quick trip to show our movie trailer and a short clip of our film to the Minnesota Grape Grower Association’s annual Cold Climate Conference in Minneapolis this past weekend.  This was our first chance to show both the trailer and a clip to an audience that is part of the industry.  Got many nice comments, a few tears (during the Elmer Swenson clip), and enjoyed the opportunity to share.

We’ll be at the Iowa Wine Grower Associations’ annual conference at the end of February to show the trailer and a clip too!  Look forward to connecting with Iowa industry.

MGGA pic of brad
Brad Johnson (Producer) describing the premise of the documentary to the Minnesota Grape Grower Association’s Cold Climate Conference attendees.

Editing Suite…Sweet!

Hello Wine Diamonds Friends!

It’s hard to believe that after 18 months of filming all across the region we are finally at Editing Suitethe point in time where we have filmed, compiled, organized, transcribed and are now editing our documentary film.  One of the challenges we’ve faced is creative a cohesive narrative from the more than 100 hours of footage we’ve collected.  Our goal was to have a broad idea of what the story line would become but ultimately we tried to let the interviews guide our story.

And now that we are in the editing suite the story is really beginning to tell itself.  Kirk and I (Brad) have spent a few weeks, working intermittently, but as of today we have 70 minutes of content on our story line and with a little extra work we’ll be tightening it up, adding b-roll (the scenes you’ll see when an interview subject is talking) and bringing the full team together to edit.  Soon we’ll have the music The Sweet Lillies have created for the film and then we’ll meet with our soundtrack composer to bring it all together.

Our tentative goal is to have a “special screening” at the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival (pending final approval) on Saturday, April 23.  We’ll keep you posted.

This next weekend (Feb. 13th) Brad will at the Minnesota Grape Growers Conference (Cold Climate Conference) to show a sneak peek of the film to the wine industry.  The piece we’re going to show is all about Elmer Swenson, the grandfather of cold climate grapes.