Wine(ding) down our filming

Hello Wine Diamond Friends!

Today we’re off to visit with Paul Tabor, one of the Godfathers of the Iowa Wine Industry, to interview him at his winery.  We’re excited to learn more about his story, how he came to have one of the very first wineries in Iowa, and hear more about the early days.

We’ve been filming since the summer of 2014 and we still have a few locations and individuals we want to connect with before we call it a wrap.  Right now we’re working on securing music for the soundtrack of our film and are excited to be working with a band out of Colorado.  We’ll make a more formal announcement in the coming weeks!

There are several things we’ll be working on during the holidays.  Kirk and Brad will begin to stitch the film together, to get a working draft (very, very rough draft) that will serve as a starting point to fine-tuning.  How do we decide what goes in?  Great question.  It’s a very slow process.  Each of the film reels (typically at least 1-2 hours of interviews) must be “scrubbed” – listened to, coded, and the most interesting quotes are cataloged for possible inclusion in the film.  The process is very much like some of the qualitative research I did back in graduate school – you listen, you notice emergent themes, you catalog, you code, you take notes…lots of notes.  Certain themes appear that become very relevant to the story we’re going to tell.  It’s fun, it’s time consuming, it’s mind-numbing at times, but it’s all worth it to tell this important story.

We can’t wait to show you more!

A fun “Breaking News” story that could be. 

Cheers! Brad