Fireside Winery Interviews

We walked into a bustling tasting room around 2pm this past Saturday and were greeted with a smile from owner, Rona Wyant. This wasn’t our first time at Fireside Winery to film. We’d had the pleasure to film here on several occasions, including early morning sunrise filming (time lapse), later during their annual harvest event where hundreds of volunteers comb through the vineyard picking it clean, and now for this visit to finally interview the family.

The family homestead is located about 5 miles from the winery and that’s where we met up with winery owner, William Wyant. His family has been farming this land for the past 5 generations and we asked Bill to talk about his family’s connection to the land, the challenges they’ve experienced and how he and Rona got into the winery business.

Later we returned to the winery where we’d sit outside under a new pergola, first with Rona, and later with Cassie and Zach for one-on-one interviews. Each interview yielded interesting perspectives of a rich family heritage, growing a business, and lessons learned and opportunities explored.

This coming Friday we’re off to film at the Illinois Sparkling Company!

Interviewing Rona Wyant
Rona Wyant
Cassie Bott
Interviewing Zach Bott
Bill Wyant pauses for a photo.