Booster Carol Clarke ReedWine Diamonds: Uncorking America’s Heartland is pleased to welcome Carol Clarke Reed to our Social Media Booster Team!

Carol and her younger brothers were born in California and raised in Iowa. “After graduating from my home town in Iowa, I moved to the East Coast; where I spent over twenty years of my life before returning to my hometown as a single parent to raise my daughter. About seven years later, I met my boyfriend. We toured wineries, planted grapes, listened to winery owners and grape growers share their experiences, traveled to conventions, remodeled and opened our own winery (Nearwood Winery) and tasting room in my home town. We were the only two for most of this journey in our wine business, with the exception of a few family and friends when it came to the harvesting time or when we needed extra help for large events. I loved the idea of being a partner of the wine tasting room, enjoyed distributing and marketing our wines. I appreciated our customers showing their support during their visits. Some of the earlier wine names came from my family stories. I loved watching the excitement of our customers when they heard the stories and tasted the wines. Unfortunately, recent circumstance necessitated me to end the winery venture.”

“I think Midwest Wines are awesome is because the winemakers and winery owners thrive to bring to life a combination of taste, experience and story; developing a diversity of wines. The Midwest climate changes challenge the winemakers, and trying to replicate wines year after year is nearly impossible.”

Please join us in welcoming Carol!


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