RebekahPlease join Wine Diamonds: Uncorking America’s Heartland as we welcome our newest member to the Social Media Volunteer Team. Welcome Rebekah Neuendorf!

Rebekah Neuendorf is a local wine & craft beer enthusiast who is passionate about local business, marketing and entrepreneurship. Beginning in 2005, she worked different job positions including bartender, server and promotions manager, which fueled her interest in the food and beverage industry. In 2007, Rebekah moved to Chicago, where she had great exposure to a wide array of food and beverage options and eagerly sampled many different varieties of wine.

Rebekah’s taste for wine became more locally-focused after returning to her home state of Iowa in 2011. With the availability of so many awesome local and regional options, Rebekah and her husband began pursuing a new goal: to visit every winery (and brewery) in Iowa! This goal led to the launch of their touring business, iBUS Road Tours, in 2014. iBUS specializes in exclusive Winery & Brewery tours, while highlighting and emphasizing exceptional craft wine, beer, the artisans who produce it, and their partnerships right here in Iowa!

Rebekah was introduced to Brad and Kirk at the 2014 Kirkwood Community College Wine Tasting, held at the Hotel at Kirkwood. After spending the evening sampling wine and chatting with the crew, she began following the Wine Diamonds Film progress. Rebekah jumped at the opportunity to get involved and help spread the word about the wonderful wine industry that Iowa and the midwest region have to offer!

Wine Diamonds is very pleased to have Rebekah join our booster team!


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