Cold Hardy Grape Vines

Yesterday, by Midwestern standards, was an absolutely lovely day: temperatures near 30 degrees, partly sunny, and a light northerly breeze.  These past few weeks have been brutally cold in the upper Midwest with temperatures plunging to nearly -20f and wind chills cold enough to take your breath away.

Marquette Vines
Marquette Vines in Slumber (red wine grape vine)

Wintertime in the heartland can challenge ones resolve, burst waterlines in your house (as it did at my home a couple weeks ago), and test a grapevines ability to survive.  But, that’s what these new cold hardy grape vines do!  In fact, some of these grape vines can survive cold spells that’d certainly kill off a Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon plant.  These northern vineyards can tolerate some of the coldest temperatures around and still produce a good crop and yield exceptional wines.

Tough plants, resolute growers and creative winemakers converge in the heartland and are building a new bustling wine region.  On this cool January afternoon Kirk (Producer and Director of Photography) and I (Brad) visited a local vineyard to re-shoot a few segments to include in our upcoming fundraising piece (to be hosted on the crowd funding site called, Indiegogo).  Despite snowy wet feet and being chilled to the bone we finished shooting by the late afternoon, then headed back to Kirk’s studio to work on editing.  It’s really coming together and can’t wait to share it with you!!

In the coming week we’ll be visiting one of the up-and-coming traditionally made sparkling wine producers near Decorah.  You’re really going to like meeting this character and trying his new sparklers!  Thanks for following our progress and sharing us with your wine friends.

Thanks to our friend Lucas McIntire and Kirkwood Community College (the Winery at Kirkwood) for allowing us to film at their vineyard.



Holiday is Over!

Hello Wine Friends!

Feels good to be back at it again after a long break during the holidays and a prolonged illness (Brad) we’ve returned to the editing suite to work on the “pitch piece.”  Today we spent about 3 hours editing a six minute video…adding segments, removing segments, tweaking and adjusting, and being super critical of our project.  We’re still finalizing our business organization and if all goes accordingly we’ll be launching sometime in February.

Kirk editing our pitch video.
Kirk editing our pitch video.

We also spent another hour tonight creating a new “On-The-Road” segment from our visit to Eagles Landing Winery in Marquette.  We’ll release a short video soon that reviews their port-style wine.  Stay tuned for that.

If you’re a fan of what we’re working on we’d be grateful if you shared our story with your wine friends.  We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and of course right here.