One day it was 60 degrees and I was outside scrapping and painting the west side of my house and the next day it was 20 and, now after nearly two weeks, the ground is covered with snow and the temperature struggles to reach a balmy 15 degrees.  That’s life in the heartland.

Amy Promise LandWhile our vineyards rest we work.  Our winery friends are busy with holiday events and sales and managing the quiet cellar.  The Wine Diamonds team is busy processing footage we’ve shot since summer.  In fact, Kirk sent me (Brad) several new files, each one about an hour long, to view and notate.  My job is to review the footage, identify and code pertinent information throughout the roll I’m viewing, and then identify and transcribe the best of the best quotes (or images) we might want to use later.  It’s a slow process.  For about each hour of film it takes somewhere between 3-4 hours to “scrub” the footage.

One another note, our friends at Midwest Wine Press, an online wine industry news site, recently posted a story about our film and as a result we’ve received several notes of interest from wineries across the region.  Also, our good friend Mike White (Iowa State University Extension) gave us a mention in his weekly newsletter providing us additional exposure.  Thanks to Mark (MWP) and Mike White!

A couple weeks ago my good friend and wine expert, Penny Fitzgerald, connected us with Rob Barnett, owner of VinVillage and Vin Village Radio.  I snagged the following from their website: “VinVillage is an exclusive lifestyle organization for wine and food lovers. VinVillage lets its members create locally based social wine groups to connect them with other “like-minded” wine lovers in their home towns and around the country, bringing the membership together with a fun and exciting local and online “wine life-style” experience offering unique and exclusive wines, events, products and services. And best yet, membership is free!”

Rob and I chatted recently about having us on his national radio program.  We discussed our film and I learned about his operation and his involvement with the wine-related film industry.  We’re excited to get on his program but we’ve decided to wait until we’re ready to launch our fundraising program so our national audience can help us! 🙂  Sounds great!

Thanks for following our progress and please remember to share us with your wine friends!



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