The Midwest is known for many things and agriculture, mostly corn and soybeans, is at the top of many peoples list.  So, as we think about our film, wanting to contextualize what it’s like to create a wine industry in the middle of the heartland, we thought it’d be fitting to shoot some footage of life during harvest.

The Spring (planting) and Fall (harvest) are two of the most busy times of the year and yesterday, with the help our drone pilot and videographer Jeff Fitzgerald, we visited a couple fields were the corn harvest was underway.  Below are a few photos taken, enjoy!

Combine harvesting corn crop
Combine harvesting corn crop
Crystal blue October skies at harvest in Iowa
Dusty and cool as the setting sun inches toward the horizon.
Jeff, drone pilot, views the transmitted image from the drone as he controls the remote control camera.  Do you see the drone above the harvester?
Last photo of the day as the farmers finish the last pass.  Do you see the drone?

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