Hello Wine Friends!

Our team has been discussing the notion of expanding the scope of the film since we first started talking about Wine Diamonds.  From the outset we understood the story of the Iowa wine industry would be limited by the fact that so much of what’s happening in the Midwest was spread across the region and not only in Iowa.

For example, early pioneers in wine grape development (e.g., Elmer Swenson) and programs (e.g, University of Minnesota – grape breeding program) and other people and institutions across the region have all been instrumental in this phenomenal growth of new varietals and exceptional wines.

So, even as we were filming we were questioning if limiting our story to Iowa would do a disservice to this new wine region.  And while the Iowa wine industry is near and dear to my heart, telling this story without including the other wine pioneers, grape breeders and institutional researchers would only be a “part” of the story.

Wine Diamonds: Uncorking America’s Heartland™

What does this mean for our film?  Our goal remains the same, to place a spotlight on winery families that have returned to the Midwest to grow a new wine industry and to tell a compelling story.  We’re very excited to continue to work with our Iowa winery families and are also excited to expand the conversation to other neighboring states.

With your help we’ll identify winery families in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Nebraska and Illinois.  This list may expand (Michigan?) or contract depending on our filming schedule and interest expressed by nearby states.  We’d love to talk with the winegrower associations in each state, meet with industry officials, academics from institutions of higher learning and complete this film with a comprehensive understanding of this new and exciting wine region.  Send your nominations or suggestions to Brad Johnson – brad.pr.johnson@gmail.com

Thanks for your interest and support!



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