David o'shieldsLate last week Kirk and I visited with University of Northern Iowa filmmaker-in-residence, David O’Shields to talk about documentary film making and to get his perspective on our new movie.

“David is an award winning, internationally respected documentary filmmaker and has been a working member of the production community since 1985.  In addition to his work in public television, he has extensive experience as a cameraman and director in commercial television.” (Source: UNI).

In addition to being a successful independent filmmaker, David directs the William and Stephanie Clohesy Documentary Film Series.  Last week my son and I had the pleasure to attend the screening of Lucy Walker’s Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom at UNI and learn first-hand about her experience making this movie.

Kirk and David have been friends for many years and for me getting the chance to talk one-on-one with David was a real pleasure.  We were particularly interested in learning more about the business side of making successful independent films and David was able to provide us with some great insights.   Thank you, David, for being so generous with your knowledge!



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