WineDiamonds_PourWe’re making fantastic progress on our film (Wine Diamonds: Iowa Uncorked™) and are grateful for your support and encouragement.  So far we’ve spent well over 60 hours in the field filming all kinds of winery and vineyard activities.  Our plan is to continue to film throughout the fall, winter, spring and next summer.  Each time we shoot a reel of film we review it, code the content (so we can select the best segment, but also to code the content so we can find it later), and continue to think about what we’re learning.  After all our film isn’t scripted, rather we have a basic idea of what we want to learn but are also open to the opportunities that present themselves as we film.

Our goal is to launch a fundraising campaign to help us pay for all this travel and the costs associated with a year-long filming project.  We’ll have lots of great gifts for those who give….so, please keep us in mind and share our website and Facebook page with your wine friends.



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