We’re excited and pleased to announce we’ll be visiting Tassel Ridge Winery this coming Monday to film the harvest of their Marquette grapes (red wine grapes).  We’ll be joining Adam, their vineyard manager, as he and his crew mechanically harvest their 9 acre Marquette block.  Our plan is for us (Brad & Kirk) to leave our base around 3am and arrive in time to film the harvest in the dark (they begin harvesting at 3am and will go for about 12 hours) and for a few hours into the morning until they load up their grapes and get them back to the T.R. crush pad.  We’re planning to follow them back to the winery, shoot some footage in the cellar, on the crush pad, and hopefully get a chance to interview the winery owner and his winemaker.  All-in-all we’re thrilled to be filming their harvest!  Okay, not so thrilled with a 2am wake-up call…but that’s documentary film making! 🙂

Tassel Ridge Winery cellar photo.
Tassel Ridge Winery cellar photo.

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