corridor_business_journalEvery spring I have the best of intentions when planting my garden, always cognizant and optimistic about being there for my garden, but almost without fail my lovely tomato plants take a back seat to my love of grapes.  Labor Day weekend is when all the good things happen – my tomatoes are ready to be canned and Iowa grapes are ready to be harvested.  So far the grapes have won out and with Labor Day weekend at hand it seems as though not much will change this year.

This year, instead of picking grapes or processing grapes I’ll be with Kirk Monson filming volunteers picking grapes and the Fireside Winery team processing.  For me it’s extra special going back to Fireside because nearly 8 years ago I began volunteering with Zach, the winemaker, learning from a pro how to make wine – which really meant cleaning a lot of wine tanks 🙂 and over the years I joined the team.  One of the really special things I helped create was their iPick iStomp iDrink harvest days.  Recruiting, training and working with upwards of 400 volunteers from around Iowa was a hoot and is something I fondly remember.

So, we’ll be back to Fireside Winery tomorrow to shoot, interview and get the total grape stomp vibe on film.  Then, we’ll turn our cameras toward other wineries and vineyards for a while.

In the meantime, we’re excited to have been contacted by the Corridor Business Journal for an upcoming story about our film.  Can’t wait to share our story and help get the word out!  In the near future we’ll be releasing our “pitch-piece” for our fundraising appeal — yes, you can help us make a movie! 🙂

See you in the vineyard!


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