StormsWoke up this morning at 4:30am and peeked through my curtains and my windows were foggy due to the thick summer humidity of Iowa, the ground outside was wet from an overnight storm, and I soon found myself checking the weather radar.  An early morning line of thunderstorms were near Des Moines and looping the images it seemed somewhat possible that they storms would hold off until late morning.  I was hopeful.

Kirk picked me up at 5:20am and we were off.  Just out of town the air, thick as water, velveted the road in an increasing dense grey-white cloud slowing our progress.  We chatted, discussed the filming day ahead, and caught up on filming business and drove the final twisting roads that approach Marengo, our destination.  In the rich, warm humid air thick with low clinging fog flashes of lightening, illuminating the cloud-filled atmosphere, off in the western distance were a portent of the near future.

Only moments before we were joking about having the day canceled because of thunderstorms — you really don’t want to be in a vineyard (full of metal wires) in an electrical storm — and turning onto the road (within 1/4 mile of our destination) we were called by Cassie (Fireside Winery) to let us know the harvest was being cancelled because of the approaching storm.  Smart move, for sure.

The grapes will have to wait.  We did an about-face, turned the vehicle around and decided to call it a day.  Instead, we’ll be spending time inside reviewing the footage we’ve already shot, preparing to get our “pitch-piece” (a fundraising appeal video) ready.  We’re hoping to return to the Brickyard Hill Vineyard next weekend for the harvest.



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