OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOver the coming weeks vineyards all over Iowa will be filled with people, a lot of times volunteers, helping to harvest the 2014 wine grape crop.  After such a brutally cold winter there was a lot of concern this years harvest wouldn’t be so good, but early reports are showing a good crop, thanks to a pleasant summer.

The Wine Diamonds: Iowa Uncorked™ production team will be heading out to the vineyards this weekend to film the harvest, the fun, and the processing of grapes at Fireside Winery (Marengo, IA).  Fireside Winery is still seeking volunteers for this weekend and for 3 other weekends.  Click here to connect with them.

Our team will be filming grape pickers, the work going on in the vineyard, interviewing some of the volunteer harvesters and Fireside crew, and heading back to the winery for the Stomp portion of the day.  We’re also planning to film Zach, the wine maker, and his team as they process the grapes that were picked in the morning.


Fireside Winery owner, Bill Wyant.
Fireside Winery owner, Bill Wyant.




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