Iowa State Fair 2014I was going to say we are going to get up bright and early tomorrow morning, but  in all honesty it’ll be dark and early when we leave the house tomorrow for a busy day of filming.  Our day will begin somewhere around 3am with a trip to Fireside Winery‘s Brickyard Hill Vineyard where we’ll be set up to catch a beautiful sunrise over the vineyard and pond.  By 8am or so volunteer walkers will be gathering at the vineyard for a Vines to Wines charity walk.

After we finish at the vineyard we’re off to the Iowa State Fair to the Wine Experience area around “Grandfathers Barn” to video the competitive grape stomps, meet and interview Iowa wine fans, winery and vineyard owners, and officials with the Iowa Wine Growers Association.

It’s going to be a fantastic and busy day…and we can’t wait to watch the richness of the early morning sun brighten the sky, film the vineyard, and meet the fairgoers!

If you see us at the Fair stop by and say hi!



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