Doug Frost, MS/MW during interview at Mid-American Wine Competition. Footage being reviewed.
Doug Frost, MS/MW during interview at Mid-American Wine Competition. Footage being reviewed.

Right now we’re reviewing the footage we shot during the Mid-American Wine Competition and afterwards at the two vineyards we visited.  Reviewing the time-stamped video from all of the videos takes a good deal of time, but it is really interesting.  The interviews yielded some outstanding moments that we can’t wait to share in our pitch-piece – the  upcoming short video we’ll be releasing in October that will explain in greater detail what we’re planning to accomplish with this independent documentary film on the Iowa wine industry.  We’re still trying to decide which crowd funding site to base our fundraising efforts from, and whether that’s Kickstarter or Indiegogo or another platform that’s still up in the air.

In the meantime, we’ll be reviewing the footage, meeting to discuss and finalize the budget (yes, this is a work of love, but it’s going to cost a good deal of money to make an exceptional feature length film – don’t worry, we’ll ask for your help later 🙂 ), and begin to nail down locations and dates for shooting the film.

We’ll be heading to Fireside Winery soon to visit with the owners, Bill and Rona Wyant and their daughter Cassie and her husband Zach Bott to interview them for our story.  Bill is a fifth generation Iowa farmer who farms more than 3,000 acres of corn and soybean and in early 2000’s he and Rona decided to start a vineyard and winery, in addition to their regular farming operation.  Working in concert with Cassie and Zach, who at the time were living away from the farm, they returned and began building one of Iowa’s most successful family winery businesses.

iPick iStomp iDrink
iPick iStomp iDrink

This August we’re planning to attend their annual harvest event called: iPick, iStomp, iDrink.  More than 400 volunteers descend into their Brickyard Hill Vineyard to pick more than 12 acres of Iowa grapes.  It’s a lot of fun and makes harvest go super fast.


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