We are already beginning to pour over all of the timestamped video Kirk shot this past Saturday at the Mid-American Wine Competition and it’s incredibly encouraging.  Talking with the judges and organizers it only re-doubles my passion for the Iowa wine industry and what’s happening all across rural Iowa.

Here are a couple take-away messages from two members of the Iowa wine industry. Randall Voss, PhD (Horticulture Chair and MAWC organizer at Des Moines Area Community College) mentioned to us that viticulture (grape growing) is creating a new perennial agricultural crop, something quite rare in a state known for corn and soybean production.  This idea was echoed by Dr. Murli Dharmadhikari, PhD (Director of the Midwest Grape and Wine Industry Institute and ISU Extension Enologist) when he discussed how grape growing is expanding the agricultural diversity and adding to the rural economy of Iowa.  We’re interested in learning more about these important issues and look forward to future conversations with industry leaders.

Below are some additional photographs taken at the Mid-American Wine Competition.  Enjoy!

This cart contains wine samples for a table of three wine judges. Volunteers busily prepare for each round of wines. This is an incredibly important part of the competition.
Bob and tonya
MAWC Director, Bob Foster and Tonya Wheeler (Volunteer and DMACC employee) discuss the order of wines to be delivered to the judges.
Doug Frost2
Chief Judge, Doug Frost (MS/MW) at his judging table taking notes on a wine he just tasted.
Brad (left) and Kirk (right) quickly review some footage pretending that their photo isn’t being taken. 🙂

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