Yesterday we traveled from eastern Iowa to observe, interview and film the Mid-American Wine Competition one of the most prestigious wine competitions in the country.  With internationally acclaimed wine makers, talented wine directors, established sommeliers, skilled enthusiasts, wine scientists, program directors and a top-tier wine expert.  This competition is close to my heart because when I was an enology student at Des Moines Area Community College several years ago I had the opportunity to sit with these highly skilled and knowledgeable wine professionals.

On Saturday, July 12th our team was welcomed in to the mix by Bob Foster (MAWC director), Doug Frost, MS/MW (chief judge), Jim Stick (Dean), and Randall Voss (Program Director and MAWC organizer).  We began filming by 8am and shot until nearly 4pm.  In between wine flights, during lunch and after the end of judging for the day we were able to obtain interviews with many of the judges, organizers and volunteers.

There is an obvious passion for the wines coming out of Iowa and the Midwest and we look forward to sharing excerpts with you later, but in the meantime and over the course of the next couple of weeks we’ll share some photographs of the day of shooting.  After we left the competition at 4pm we visited a brand new vineyard (In Vino Veritas Vineyard) and on the way home stopped at JEV winery and shot some additional vineyard footage.  All in all it was a 15 hour day and we shot a ton of footage!

Thank you to the MAWC team, organizers, people behind the scenes who didn’t want to be filmed (that’s you, Michele :)), and the dedicated volunteers whose work is definitely appreciated and makes this competition flow very smoothly.  Cheers!

Volunteers and Judges
Judges are separated by panel as volunteers pour specific wines for a particular flight of wines. Judges never see the bottles, labels or have any idea of the winery represented. Blind tasting.
Each judge receives several wines to sample during a given round.
Each judge receives several wines to sample during a given round.
Kirk capturing the interactions between judges.
Kirk capturing the interactions between judges.

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